Sarah's Real Life
27. 05. 2012


Hey there! Welcome to Sarah’s Real Life. Here’s something shocking: my name is Sarah and this blog chronicles things I wear and do in my real life. What is my real life? At the moment, it’s practicing trademark law at a large firm (my first job out of law school!) and doing fun things around Indianapolis (I live there).

Why am I here?

Mainly…because I really like clothes. Always have! So it’s fun to share what I wear with people (like you, hopefully) who can appreciate my effort to dress with style and creativity in my everyday life. Not only do I like to be well-dressed myself, I like other people to be well-dressed, too. I have to look at you, after all 😉 I like to think I have some good ideas that will inspire others!

I’m also here to be totally honest. “What are you talking about, Sarah?” Glad you asked. Sometimes I feel like certain style blogs (many of which I still read every day) are turning into digital magazines that portray this idealized fashion blogger life. Like, what’s the deal with wearing 10 bracelets at once? That would drive me insane. It would drive everyone around me insane too. And how often do you really have the occasion to wear a shorts suit? You get the idea. Fun to look at, but not all that realistic for most of us. Well folks, I can promise you that every single outfit posted on Sarah’s Real Life is something I indeed wore in my real life. That means sometimes I’m wearing flats even though heels would look better. Sometimes my hair is in a ponytail because I just didn’t have time for anything else. Sometimes, because I’m a blogger, I get to go to special events that really aren’t as glamorous as you might imagine, and I will tell you the truth about them!

What’s in it for you?

Sounds like a good deal, right? I hope you’ll stick around awhile and come back again soon. You can follow me on all of these platforms because social media is the new black:


And now for some legal mumbo jumbo:

People often want to know where they can purchase something I’m wearing. I try my best to link you to retailers where you can order whatever lovely top/shoes/bracelet I’m wearing in that post (or to something similar). Sometimes, depending on the retailer, I may make a small commission when you click on a link or if you order something from them. Keep in mind that I have epic debt from law school and I could use the help…but no pressure or anything. If I do make commission from your purchase (thanks!), I promise not to let the money go to my head – Unless, of course, I use my earnings to buy a hat.

I will clearly note when any products featured on my blog were given to me by the retailer/brand. I only feature products that I actually like and that fit my personal style – I do have to wear it in real life, after all (see above).

Unless otherwise noted, I own the copyright to all photos and text on this site. However, I’m happy to let others use my work under certain conditions. To understand those conditions, please see the license information below. If you have questions about a particular use, please email me.

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