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01. 15. 2018

Many a living room photo has been taken the past few weeks because it has been SO. COLD. And then on the days it wasn’t SO. COLD. we were too busy with Christmassing and doing other things do full-on blog shoots. But that’s why you love me right? Because I don’t try too hard at this blogging thing half the time? I mean, it’s endearing, right? Well, even if I’m not endearing, the cute Christmas decorations around me are endearing, so here are a few of my favorite outfits from winter 2017-18 so far…

This look was actually from a not-too-cold day. This jacket isn’t very warm, but I LOVE it so I try to find 2 or 3 mild days a year to bust it out. This windowpane jacket is old, but I found a few similar ones:

And speaking of fabulous coats… 😉 This must have been a relatively mild day too, because otherwise I couldn’t have exposed my feet and ankles like this!

similar Coat // Shoes // similar Pants

OK, this was from a cold day. My tricks for dressing for frigid temps are: tights under your pants (works best with ponte pants), knee high socks under knee-high (or higher) boots, and a thin long-sleeve t-shirt under at least two more layers on top, preferably with one involving wool – I love this wool sweater blazer I just got from J. Crew! And that doesn’t even include the scarf, coat, hat, and 2 pairs of gloves on top!

Blazer // Turtleneck // Sunglasses // similar Pants // similar Boots

It wouldn’t be Indiana if our 0-degree days weren’t preceded by 50-degree days. On 50-degree days, I can do cool things like only wear one pair of pants. Also, this pic doesn’t do it justice, but this blazer is VELVET. I stole this one off a mannequin (I mean, I paid for it after) because it had to be mine.

And another chilly one to finish up! Same formula: tights under pants, socks, boots, thin layers, wool… The Midwest is not for wimps. And judging by the forecast, there’s a good chance I’ll be wearing a similar outfit tomorrow! Most of these items are available to shop below:

One response to “Winter So Far…”

  1. Holly Usiak says:

    Major points to you for managing to look cute in this nasty weather. My method is much more along the lines of sweater-pants-boots-knee length parka-gloves-hat-run into the office as fast as possible. As I sit and look at all the snow that’s fallen outside my office window today…

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