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12. 17. 2017

A leopard coat is one of those things that makes even a Monday feel fabulous. I definitely love it as outwear for fancy cold weather events (like this), but it’s just as fun with workwear or even jeans. Some people have told me they don’t think they can pull it off, but if you want to wear a leopard coat, just do it already! Find a couple similar options here and here.

I really really loved this outfit! My pussy bow plaid shirt with a suede moto jacket and booties? This casual Friday look pretty much sums up the “girly badass” vibe that I aspire to (and sometimes even achieve).

similar Clutch (cheaper option)

I want everyone to note that this photo was taken with a flash. Because it was at night. On a Saturday. Yes, I dressed cute and went out on a Saturday night. It was an occasion that called for photographic proof. (P.S. This jacket has a detachable faux fur collar, and it’s surprisingly warm! I’m probably just going to dump my old black leather jacket.)

Coatigan: fun to say, fun to wear. Also functional – for those days when it’s chilly but you don’t want a bulky coat.

These earrings make me feel a little like a Christmas tree, but this time of year, I see nothing wrong with that. (Earrings purchased with gift card provided c/o Shopbop.)

Earrings // Cardigan

 Ann Taylor calls these velvet pants “jeans,” but in my mind, jeans aren’t jeans if they’re not denim. I think that makes them office-appropriate any day of the week. Please don’t tell me if you disagree, because I already ordered them in black, too.

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