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11. 26. 2017

ruffle sweater, midi skirt, ankle boots

When: early November // Weather: chilly // Real life: work

ruffle sweater, midi skirt, ankle boots

ruffle sweater, midi skirt, ankle boots

ruffle sweater, midi skirt, ankle boots

ruffle sweater, midi skirt, ankle boots

There’s the woman who will turn to her significant other and say: “Does this make me look fat?” And then there’s me, who asks: “Does this make me look like velociraptor?” And because I have a wonderful significant other, the answer is: “Yes, but in a good way.” (I thought velociraptors were the ones with the neck frill thing, but now that I try to find a photo, I think it’s a dilophosaurus. Whatever.)

I tend to wear more black during the winter, but I prefer for my black to have a little flair to it, so if it can be reminiscent of some kind of dinosaur (the species isn’t that important), that’s a bonus.

Sweater // similar Skirt // similar Boots // similar Sunglasses // similar Bag

5 responses to “Jurassic Style”

  1. wally says:

    Love this outfit! Out of curiosity, what do you use to keep the waves in your hair? I just accidentally* got my hair cut to a similar length, and am having a hard time keeping the waves/curls in. I live in NYC, so I have to walk a lot and am outside a fair amount for my commute – which makes it even more challenging. Thank you!

    *I showed the stylist a haircut that would have resulted in 3 inches off my mid back length hair – and instead she cut it to shoulder length!

    • Sarah H. says:

      I use a texturizing spray (current favorite is Living Proof full dry volume blast) and a flexible hold hair spray. I will say though…my hair tends to hold style pretty well anyway, and I don’t have to be outside very much.

  2. this is my favorite outfit you’ve worn this year!!!

  3. minau2210 says:

    Very nice ensemble! Great shoes!

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