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11. 15. 2017

These are some things I really like:

Bright coats. Plaid. Over-the-knee boots. Puffer vests. Burgundy. Felt hats. Leather jackets.

“Really like” means they rank above “like” but below “love.” So for comparison’s sake, I like The Office, but I love Parks and Rec. I like salsa, but I love guacamole. I like bunnies, but I love cats. I like brunch, but I love boozy brunch. Just kidding, I love all brunch. But you get the idea.

Just to prove how much I really like that list of things up there, here’s how I’ve been wearing all of them over the past couple weeks! (Shop the goods in the widgets below.)



2 responses to “Fall Favorites”

  1. Sarah, I love your style; think I found you from Franish. The clean lines of your outfits and the bright colors with lots of neutrals are making my eyes happy. 🙂

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