Sarah's Real Life
07. 30. 2017


When: 2 Mondays ago // Weather: hot // Real life: work





GUYS. I haven’t blogged in like a week. Did you miss me? Have you just been constantly hitting “refresh” waiting for a new outfit to pop up? If so, please seek professional help, or at least get another hobby. I mean, it’s just a blog.

I spent most of last week in Toronto, hence the lack of new posts. The irony is that sometimes, Sarah’s real life (the actual life) gets in the way of Sarah’s Real Life (the blog). This is a look I wore a couple weeks ago, brought to you by yet another impulse buy at an epic Ann Taylor extra-million-percent-off sale. We all know I needed another midi skirt, right? Right.

Sweater // similar Skirt (on sale) //  similar Bag // Shoes (on sale) // similar Necklace // similar Sunglasses 


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