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03. 06. 2017

IMG_0499Dress (on sale) // similar Shoes // Earrings

You’ve been wanting to know everything I wore in February, haven’t you? I thought so. Let’s start with my 24-hour trip to Chicago for a work retreat. Above is what I wore for the day of the meeting (it says I’m fun but I mean business), and down there is what I wore for the night-before social event (aka lawyers drinking and telling nerdy jokes).

IMG_0486Top (on sale) // Jeans (on sale) // similar Bag


I got this sweatshirt because it’s crazy soft and it makes a statement that is pretty much always going to be true. Same with this one.

IMG_0556similar Sweater // similar Bag (c/o Shopbop) // similar Skirt (on sale)

The day I wore this, someone told me I looked like a teacher, and another person told me I looked like Sarah Paulson. If there’s a movie where Sarah Paulson plays a teacher, I guess that was my subconscious inspiration.

IMG_0522Sunglasses // Shoes // Nails “Taupe-Less Beach”

The silver lining in the hole in the ozone is that I got to wear sunglasses and go on walks when it should’ve been a frozen tundra. (These shoes are crazy comfy, BTW.)


Who else is crazy happy about the special BaubleBar jewelry line for Target? One of everything, please.

IMG_0412Pants (on sale) // similar Scarf // similar Sunglasses // similar Bag

February was a month of non-functional neck scarves one day and big cozy blanket scarves the next. I’m proposing a new tagline for the Hoosier state: “Welcome to Indiana. We don’t understand what’s happening here either.”

IMG_0431similar Scarf // Shoes (c/o Shopbop) // similar Watch

RIP, pastel sweater. You should’ve gone home with someone who won’t wash you with a bright red dress like an idiot.



5 responses to “I Wear Stuff and Do Things”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Sarah, does your green/pink Boden dress wrinkle easily? Considering ordering but reviews complain about wrinkles!

    • Sarah H. says:

      I just washed it for the first time (gentle cycle, line dry) and it was a little wrinkly but not much. I made sure to pull on it gently before hanging to dry. I also used my trusty Downy wrinkle releaser! I don’t plan on ironing before I wear it again. Hope that helps!

  2. Kaci says:

    That does need to be our new tagline! I can barely keep up with how fast the weather has been changing in Indy.

  3. Heather says:

    Your hair always looks great, but I’m especially loving the grown-out bangs on you right now. Looks fantastic!