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02. 09. 2017

IMG_0043similar Shirt // similar Vest // similar Bag // similar Shoes

You’ve seen enough of my face lately, right? How about a peek at the view from my face? Today I have a few top-down outfit selfies to share, plus a couple things that have found their way to my closet recently.

592AE347-114E-4B72-8716-B173D14AF613Kate Spade wallet

I asked Santa for a new wallet and this is what she (yes, she) picked out! I was having a serious George Costanza situation, and a new wallet was the only way I was going to clean the old one out. Goodbye, Macy’s coupon from 2014!

IMG_0166similar Dress // Necklace (on sale) // similar Shoes (on sale)

I call this my “fancy lawyer dress.” I wear it because I am both fancy and a lawyer. I rest my case.


FLOWER TIME! (I think this to myself every time I wear this watch because I’m a total nerd.)

IMG_0298similar Boots // similar Bag (on sale)

I wore this to work just earlier this week. I got these boots because I needed more non-suede options to wear in wet weather. Seriously, how did I end up with so much suede winter footwear? Apparently when I’m shopping I imagine I live in L.A. and not Indy.

IMG_0281Bag // Shoes

Remember when I said I went to Target with my friends who hadn’t been in forever? This is what I went home with. Yay for pretty spring things in the stores!

IMG_0240Shoes // similar Bag // Corduroys // Ring

I really hope my legs don’t look this lumpy to other people. Why did I decide to do this “View From the Top” themed post?? I’m out.




2 responses to “View From the Top”

  1. Oh that floral bag is gorgeous! I assumed it was Kate Spade as I scrolled down!