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05. 27. 2016


Budgeting Bloggers: May


Row 1: Jacket (on sale) // Wedges // Top (on sale)

Row 2: Necklace (on sale) //  Dress // Skirt

Row 3: Dress (on sale) // Earrings // Skirt (on sale)

I didn’t realize until I put together this collage that I bought a lot of pink this month. I also went for quality over quantity. It’s been a long week, so let’s get straight to the details…

May’s Budget: $824

($150 starting budget + $80 unspent last month + $594 blogging income)

As promised last month, I am factoring in taxes and subtracting that from my blog income before going wild!

May’s Spending: $653

I apparently went for quality over quantity this month. Not really my intention, but it’s what happened so I’m going to pretend it was all part of my genius plan. I sale-stalked this gingham blazer and finally took the plunge. It was still more than I would normally spend on something like this (over $100) but I just love it and the petite cut fits me so well. It came in the mail while I was out of town (along with the gingham skirt…preppiest package ever), so I haven’t gotten to wear it yet. You will see it soon though, I’m sure!

I’m also pretty excited about this lace periwinkle dress because I don’t have anything else this color. It’s also really fun to say “periwinkle.” I wore the dress at the conference I went to this past week, but I didn’t get to take pictures. I’ll be sure to rewear it soon so I can show it off on the blog.

There are a couple things I bought that aren’t pictured above because they’re not available online – like a pair of tortoiseshell framed aviators (seen here) from SEE Eyewear, and a druzy necklace I bought from a local artist at a little pop-up vintage marketplace.

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2 responses to “Budgeting Bloggers: May”

  1. Nout says:

    Love everything especially the plaid skirt.