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11. 30. 2015


November Budget Breakdown

November was a month of neutrals for me, but neutrals like leopard print and brown leather. My kind of neutrals. I’m really happy with almost everything I bought this month, with the exception of the navy pleated skirt. It doesn’t quite fit right in the waist, so I can only wear it with a long sweater covering up the top. It was final sale, so I just have to make it work! Other than that, I got some real winners in November, and several of these purchases I’ve already worn more than once. To make it even better, I got a lot of good deals thanks to my excellent coupon, sale, and gift card strategery.

My Budget

       = $618

What I Spent

       =$475 (saved $867 off original prices)

If you’re loving any of these items, now is a good time to do some shopping – it’s Cyber Monday! Loft, Ann Taylor, and J. Crew Factory are all offering 50% off everything, and free shipping. Madewell is offering 25% off everything. Nordstrom is offering an extra 25% off certain items. You don’t have to tell me whether you’re shopping for other people or for yourself. 😉

What I Received

Per usual, I’m linking up with the other budgeting bloggers over at Franish.

3 responses to “Budgeting Bloggers: November”

  1. Fran says:

    I need to get my hands on more Amazon giftcards – I love thing things you picked up from there!

  2. Kyle says:

    Girl, nice job. Love all of your buys, and congratulations on the savings!

  3. Wow what an amazing haul. I especially love the skirts that you picked up. Dropping by from the link-up