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04. 15. 2015

Alright, guys. It’s April 15th, so I’m halfway through my self-imposed challenge to wear one of my top 10 “favorite” wardrobe pieces every day for a month. I’ve worn each of my top 10 at least once, and some of them twice so far. Most of the outfits you’ve already seen if you’re a daily reader (thanks for your undying love and devotion), but there were a couple I didn’t get a chance to photograph so I faked a couple re-creations for ya (you’ll see what I mean below).

So here are all my Top 10 Remix outfits so far, along with the fabulously random comments you’ve come to expect from Sarah’s Real Life…

top 10 remix, style blogger challenge

Striped dress: I love this dress because it’s striped (obviously), but it also has a nice springy feel while still being covered up and thus work appropriate. I actually just wore this dress again yesterday, so you’ll see that on the blog soon (preview on Instagram). I got this dress a couple years ago from Madewell, and they have a similar style available this season.

Mint crossbody bag: This is probably the easiest thing I picked to remix. Good job, me. When I don’t want to bother thinking about anything else, I just carry my Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. bag. Remix complete.

Windowpane flats: I probably would have remixed these more already if it hadn’t been so rainy this month. These babies are Kate Spade, so I’m not about to ruin them just for some dumb blog challenge (whose lame idea was this, anyway?)

top 10 remix, style blogger challenge

Striped leather-sleeve tee: I discovered the second time I wore this shirt that there really aren’t many non-jeans bottoms that look good with it. It’s too boxy to tuck in to a skirt, and if I wear it untucked with a skirt I look like a lumpy rectangle. So I’ve worn two very slightly different versions of the same outfit featuring this shirt: two different pairs of J. Crew drapey pants, two different animal print pumps, and two different statement necklaces.

top 10 remix, style blogger challenge

Polka dot blouse: This top is definitely not a neutral one that can go unnoticed in a remix situation. But it’s my goal to wear it at least one more time this month. I’ve already worn it (pre-Top 10 challenge) under a cardigan and under a crop top. Ideas for next time?

Blush cap-toe pumps: These shoes look good with pretty much everything. It’s going to be hard not to just make these my Top 10 item every day for the rest of the month.

top 10 remix, style blogger challenge

Cluster pearl necklace: It’s taken me more effort than I expected to wear this necklace. I’ve only worn it once, and it was just for a few hours to hang out with friends on a Saturday night. I did really like this outfit though, thrown together as it was. P.S. How great are my new yellow Soludos espadrilles?!

top 10 remix, style blogger challenge

Pleated floral skirt: This skirt has “weekend” written all over it, yet I’ve only worn it to work. Quick, someone invite me to brunch this Sunday!

Suede Mary Janes: Is it cheating to pick black pumps for a remix challenge? Not when the challenge was your idea. Plus, I’m exercising self-restraint and not overusing these.


Yellow lace top: This is another piece I’ve worn again recently, so keep an eye out for an actual outfit post and not just a downward-facing Instagram pic. You’ll just have to take what you can get for now.

OK, your turn. If you’ve been hanging in there with me (or even if you started the Top 10 Remix challenge 10 minutes ago), add your link below! If you do, be a lamb and link back to my blog nice and conspicuous-like.

5 responses to “Top 10 Remix: the Halfway Point”

  1. Diana says:

    Love your choices…especially the stripes and those yellow shoes! I have a red pair I love. I’ve looked at that Pearl cluster necklace for a long time and envision what I would wear it with. Haven’t gotten one yet. Interested to see if you use yours more! Nice choices!

  2. Tea says:

    This has been such a fun challenge! Thanks for hosting it, I too have an item that I’ve only worn once (gasp!) and need to figure out a couple of ways to work it in for the rest of the month. Love your choices (and your fabulously random Sarah’s Real Life comments!)

  3. Erin says:

    I’m so glad you hosted this challenge! I love seeing your recap. I have several pieces I haven’t even worn yet, so I need to get on it for the rest of this month!

  4. Whoops – I’m bad at linking up and planning ahead, so I’m going to just sit this one out, despite having participated in this challenge all month 🙂 I love how you’ve remixed the crap out of all of your items this month!

    Also…I glanced really quickly at the picture of the suede Mary Janes…and I totally read it as “suede man jeans.” Until I looked again, I was really confused, hahaha. #needmoresleep

    • Sarah H. says:

      I was thisclose to including my favorite suede man jeans in my top 10. Don’t worry, I’ll do a final roundup and linkup either Thursday or Friday!