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03. 22. 2013

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Sarah’s Wardrobe Timeline:

Just to remind you: we are in the late March phase. This is one of those random outfits. I actually thought this outfit was kind of lame when I picked it out (but ignored that feeling due to my late March state of mind), but these photos make me think it wasn’t so bad. What do you think?

By my usual standards, it’s not terribly colorful, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with neutrals once in awhile. And I do have a cool mix of textures/patterns with the crochet top and polka dot jeans. Plus I was comfortable. So I guess it’s not so bad! But I still don’t want it to be cold anymore. MAKE IT STOP.

similar Top (on sale) // another similar Top (on sale) // similar Cardigan (on sale) // Jeans (also in mint!) // Shoes (on sale) // Lipstick “Orange de Chine”

19 responses to “Beige & Blue”

  1. CarolineG says:

    I am absolutely with you on how you feel – I went through my spring/summer stuff looking for some crossover pieces, but found one and am now just dressing in classic colours until the weather brightens up (sometime in May for the UK apparently…the joy!!). I love the neutrals look – it’s absolutely something I would wear, probably with plain navy trousers/jeans in the same style, as there’s two different textures in the top and cardigan. Anyway you’ve now inspired me to check out a burgundy top I have with embellishment around the neckline that I’d normally wear in the evening, but will try for a day look – thank you : )

  2. This looks great on you – practical and cute. I love the neckline on your top as well. And the snow can seriously LEAVE. Like, right freaking now. :p

  3. Ha! Love the Wardrobe Timeline! Definitely go through one of those myself. Where have you been hiding this little gem of a top you are wearing? I love it! Is this a purchase from a Sarah Cycle?

    • It’s really old and for some reason I don’t wear it much! Well, I sort of know why…the hook closure at the back of the neck never stays closed. So I can only wear it with a cardigan like this.

  4. ashleigh says:

    I think it’s beautiful! You have a tiny pop of color with your lippy. The navy and beige are so pretty together!

  5. I absolutely love this outfit! But I am super partial to neutrals and navy.

  6. Brynn says:

    Hahaha, your wardrobe timeline totally struck a chord with me! My outfits have been so uninspired lately – I want to wear all my dresses and skirts without tights for once! I’ve been toughing it out with my skinny jeans (rolled up…because I just HAVE to haha) with flats, but I’m not ready to wear bare legs in 30 degree temps. Gross.

    I really like your polka dot jeans – they’re adorable!

  7. lalovesblog says:

    I love those polka dot jeans… I think I need them in mint!!

  8. alison*elle says:

    I actually think this look is really cute, Sarah! This time of year I always get into a slump with my wardrobe too… bring on the warm weather!

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Cindy says:

    Move south and you won’t be cold!

  10. Chloe says:

    Hahaha! I hear you, I have a case of the “Late Marches” too. I’m so tired of winter clothing, we’ve had a *few* nice days which makes me excited for spring, but right now it’s blizzarding like the dickens and so I’m left to angrily stomp around in my UGGs because I. Give. Up.

    I really like this outfit, though–your red lips add just enough color to keep it from looking bland! Love the studding on the sweater underneath the cardigan, too!

  11. I LOVE your jeans but just can’t justify them in my own wardrobe. So, can you pretty please, for me, wear them all the time? K, thanks.