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07. 23. 2012






This is only the second time I’ve taken my new chambray top out in the world. The chambray’s debut became one of my most popular posts, so that put a lot of pressure on me for take two. This is also the second go-around for my new bubble necklace. When I blogged the first bubble necklace outfit, I asked for input on how to style it next. I think the floral print dress got the most votes, so naturally I completely ignored the feedback and wore whatever I damn well felt like.

Not really…I do value your opinions, dear readers. It’s just that on Saturday, I had to go to Law Review Orientation (a.k.a The Over-Achievers Convention). It was a day spent listening to various speakers, eating pizza, and learning how to edit scholarly legal articles. Basically a bunch of smart people sitting around and soaking up each other’s awesomeness. Not exactly a sundress-worthy occasion. But I promise I will wear the dress/necklace combo sometime this summer.

Hope everyone has a great week! (I know I will, because I’m leaving for Chicago on Thursday!)

Bubble Necklace available in various colors at J. Crew or other less legit sources

Top available at Madewell

8 responses to “Chambray Take Two”

  1. I love this look, great necklace! And I think we have the same shoes!! :)

  2. Amanda Graus says:

    Love that necklace! I need one like this. It looks great with the chambray!

    The Pretty Pinhead

  3. I think the Chambray shirt is one of my most used tops. It’s great for summer and winter! I just purchased my less legit J.Cew necklace on GroupDealz!

  4. rubygirl1 says:

    I LOVE THIS LOOK! the striped shorts are adorbs and I love how the necklace pops against the chambray! plus throwing in the leather flats was a great call! nice work!

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