Sarah's Real Life
07. 13. 2012





Apparently I’m very into blue and orange recently. Instead of putting the colors side-by-side like last time, I gave them a little distance. After all, since they’re so different, sometimes they argue.

If you ever feel like you’re overdoing it on the tank top & cardigan combo (like I do often), remember you can always wear a cardigan solo just like it’s a regular top.

These Kenneth Cole wedges are a recent find at TJ Maxx, although I couldn’t find them online.

4 responses to “True Colors”

  1. I love that cardigan. The orange wedges are just the right touch. Great outfit!!!

  2. Clara Turbay says:

    It´s a surprise return to your blog and find cool stuff.

  3. wow, I love how you wore the cardi as a top on its own… my outfit possibilities just doubled! haha