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07. 11. 2012


Take note: this outfit will go down in history as what I was wearing the day I made law review! If you don’t know what that means, read this. My law school has 3 journals, and I got invitations from 2 of them, the Health Law Review and the International and Comparative Law Review. I just have to decide which one to accept, but I’m leaning toward the latter. As part of membership this coming school year, I will have to write a huge research paper on a topic of my choice. I would love to write on a subject that really interests me, and I think I would have more opportunity to do that with the International and Comparative Law Review.

OK, sorry! Enough about my nerdy side. On to the clothes:






Sorry for all the coy, face-behind-the-bangs poses. The sun was shining in my eyes and I left my sunglasses in the car. This belt is new, and it is the prettiest color of mint green. I mean, I know the mint green trend is freakin’ everywhere right now, but there are lots of different shades. This belt is by far my favorite. I wore it against black so that the bright color would stand out even more.

Oh, and just one more non-fashion-related thing to show you: When I was posing by a tree, I made a new friend! It’s this freaky yet kind of cool-looking insect. It was probably close to 2″ long!


Belt is from J. Crew

4 responses to “Bragging Rights”

  1. Chloe says:

    That belt is absolutely lovely. I’m actually sporting a mint green manicure right now so I guess we’re both jumping on board this trend! Congrats on the law review :)

  2. Love it!! The color of that belt is aaah-mazing! :)

  3. Clara Turbay says:

    nice look very nice!

  4. L says:

    Love this belt! I’m always too nervous to try skinny belts, but with a dress I think I could start trying them.